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Yoga: It's about finding balance, flow and the natural alignment of the body, mind and spirit. Your yoga is as pure, natural and harmonious as your intentions when you practice using the range of yoga accessories online from the Eco Yoga Store. When you purchase yoga equipment, you take the first step in nurturing yourself and the world we share.

At the Eco Yoga Store we firmly believe that yoga can transform lives. When you buy yoga products online it is essential to know all you can about the product and what ecological properties it has. This allows you to buy only what is healthy for you and the environment, as well as what offers you the proper support for your practice so you can get the most out of your yoga. We hope you'll find all the information you need in our site.

We do not just sell yoga products in Australia and New Zealand, we use them! This puts us in the unique position of understanding what you need and want, as well as being able to test out some of our favourites. We will only stock mats, props, bags, yoga clothing and jewellery that we would use or wear ourselves. 

At the Eco Yoga Store, we offer only the finest eco-conscious yoga products and accessories available anywhere on the planet. You wouldn't want it any other way. That's why we're here - so you can be in harmony with nature.

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