Mat preference is personal, and we’ll be the first to say that it can be tough to choose! With so many styles of yoga which mat suits each one and meets your needs. To keep it simple you need to consider what key areas of your mats performance are most important to you:

GRIP: How much grip do you want to mat to offer? Is this the most important factor in choosing a mat? All of the Manduka mats offer excellent grip with the eKO range better if you sweat a bit. PRO and PROLite are fantastic if your hands and feet stay fairly dry and you don't have a really oily skin type. The TRIBE Warrior is super grippy!

Will your style of yoga generate quite a bit of sweat? (For heated studio situations we recommend no matter what mat you have or buy today, invest in a good yoga towel like an eQua Mat Towel or better still a TRIBE Get-A-Grip Mat Towel.) You can keep the PROLite and Manduka PRO cleaner than an eKO mat as they are easier to wipe down being made of a plastic. Rubber mats ie the Manduka eKO range are not suited to humid, wet conditions as they tend to oxidise so for Bikram we don't recommend them.

WEIGHT: Do you have to carry your mat around? So the weight of the mat is therefore important. Check the weights of the mats listed so you can be sure it will suit you. Notice the Manduka PRO and Black Mat PRO are heavy! Travelling overseas and want to take your mat? You have to have a Manduka eKO Superlite. At under 1kg you can take it anywhere and the grip is exceptional.

COST: Are you new to yoga and don't want to spend too much on a mat as you are just starting out and want to see how it goes. A nice option is a TRIBE Warrior mat as it is grippy, comfy and lightweight compared to other 6mm mats.

LONGEVITY: Do you do a lot of yoga and wear your mats out quickly? Manduka PRO or PROLite are guaranteed to last a lifetime. If weight of the mat is important choose the PROLite. These mats are so durable you seriously won't need another mat ever again. We have not found another mat on the global market with a lifetime guarantee like the one offered by Manduka. The Manduka eKO range are made of natural rubber and so will wear out over time depending on how many sessions and what style of yoga you are doing. We don't recommend them for Astanga or other power yoga styles especially if you have a daily practice routine.

FLOORING TYPE: Will you practice on a hard floor (wood or concrete) or a carpet floor? A 3mm eKO mat works well on carpet floors but can be a little too thin on hard floors. Great for hard floors like concrete and tiles the 6mm Manduka PRO or the 6mm TRIBE Warrior mat. For most other firm floors (wood, carpet tiles with no underlay, vinyl) a Manduka 4.5mm PROLite or a 4 or 5mm eKO are perfect. Then if you are working on a carpet floor with underlay then a Manduka 3mm eKO or Superlite is all you will need.

COMFORT: Do you want your mat to offer cushioning for your joints and bones as sometimes the floor poses are uncomfortable for you? Choose a 5mm eKo mat or for the most cushioning a TRIBE Warrior 6mm mat.

ARE YOU TALL?: Do you have a large frame? Choose a Manduka PRO Long or the PROLite Long or the eKO 5mm Long as these have the largest practice area of all the mats.

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