About Ava Lipsa

The name Ava Lipsa comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit, it means 'personal treasure' - an amulet or talisman.  We craft contemporary, artisan gemstone jewellery that embellishes the sacred, yogic prayer bead, the Rudraksha seed. Ava Lipsa founder, Isabelle Richard's studio is located in Asheville, North Carolina. Here she uses a wide array of gemstones sourced from around the globe in her 108 beaded mala. Isabelle also brings you an additional selection of detachable/collectible healing stone pendants, amulet deities, and carved bone talismans! Designed for both your sense of style and the yogi in you!

The Rudraksha seed is found at the center of a beautiful round blue fruit cultivated from the Rudraksha tree and known as the diamond of all prayer seeds with its naturally occurring "OM" symbol visible on its surface. OM is said to be the primordial sound of the universe.  As such, its energetic and restorative properties are said to promote tranquility and universal love! Hence, our motto "WEAR LOVE".

Ava Lipsa 'malas' come in a traditional style adorned with a silk tassel. Some designs also feature an 'inter-changeable' amulet-charm, stone pendant or deity. We design multi-use, practical yet elegant jewellery for your fast pace lifestyle. Simply interchange your tassel for your stone pendant to change the look of your mala from 'chic bohemian' to understated elegance. All of our pendants and amulet-talisman settings are fabricated in 925 sterling silver, 22kt gold vermeil and fully detachable.

Isabelle Richards

Ava Lipsa is a culmination of a lifetime of artistic and business endeavors in jewellery design and sales, influenced by Isabelle Richard's world travels. French Canadian born, Isabelle's journey began in 1980, when she left Montreal to study at New College, in Sarasota, Florida. After graduating with a Bachelor's of Arts, Isabelle longed for the seasonal weather and sports she grew up with, being an avid skier and equestrian; she was drawn West to higher altitude after six years in the tropics. She chose to settle in Boulder, Colorado for its sunny, vast and picturesque landscapes which inspired her further to travel.
Isabelle met her Indian meditation teacher in New York and began regular pilgrimages to her teacher's ashram in the northern province of Maharashtra, India to further her studies of yoga and meditation. Isabelle became fascinated with the beauty, characteristics, and many health benefits of wearing this seed, commonly used for meditation and 'japa' practices - prayer and mantra repetition by students, monks, and enlightened beings alike.
Back in the U.S.A.  Isabelle's fascination with gemstones inspired her to further her education, specifically in the arena of diamonds and colored stones. In 1991 she earned her degree from the Gemological Institute of America. Today, reconnecting with her love of gemstones and Rudraksham, in her mind's eye, seeing them embellished in golden caps, and often adorned with gemstones, she set off on her tour of Indonesia to source these sacred seeds and semi precious stones to design her creations.
In an interview, Isabelle shared... "These jewellery creations came from my great love of nature and its vast colorful organic materials, and one day it all turned into a creative, collective “download". After many years of ignoring my calling, a force, likened to a tight rose bud finally swirling open into full bloom from the steady heat of the sun; I began creating from the culmination of a LIFETIME of memories, as a equestrian rider/ trainer, constantly out in nature, rock climbing or  most recently, trekking in the jungle on an elephant, color is everywhere

I am constantly learning from nature's ever changing seasonal pallet. Nature combined with my love of Indian and Indonesian culture, deities and sacred art forms from ancient times... is  an extension of my personality in all its multifaceted, eclectic, expressive, global, nature loving and 'bohemian traveling lifestyle'.  While traveling to Indonesia a few years ago, I reconnected with  Rudrakshas that I had encountered on my travels to India decades earlier. And, it all made sense to combine these ancient, revered prayer beads, naturally embedded with  'Om' signs, the symbol of the highest vibration and frequency in the Universe. The Rudraksha is known to promote peace, said to protect the wearer, bestow prosperity and  love; and naturally so, I could not help myself and  adorned them with colorful healing gemstones and amulet treasures.  Ava Lipsa, is in my experience, divinely inspired and perfect! i am excited to share its powerful benefits with as many individuals as I possibly can!"

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