about eco yoga store

The Eco Yoga Store was founded in New Zealand in 2008 by me, single mum and avid yogini Ingrid Edwards. I wanted to create a job where I could be a working-from-home mum and remain connected to the yoga community because it's full of people I love to deal with. I decided selling yoga products online would be a great option and thought well if I'm going to do that I'd rather sell ecological ones. I opted never to stock any low quality, plastic PVC yoga mats that are churned out of China, to provide organic fabric options and fillings where possible and deal with companies that operate with a similar ethos to mine.

It turns out there is a lot more to making an online business tick than I imagined but here we are 8 years later online in New Zealand and Australia. A lot has changed. My kids are taller, we are based in a commercial premises, financial times are harder but each day something wonderful happens at the Eco Yoga Store so I turn up to work. To date some 10000 yoga practitioners in Australasia have purchased from us which proves to me that the yoga community wants products from companies that give a damn and we do!

At this point I do have to admit to you the 'avid yogini' here has been a complete slacker when it comes to a regular yoga practice! As those of you working mums (and dads) out there will appreciate sometimes something has to give! I hope as the business grows and develops I can step away from it a little and back on to my mat for a bit more of a regular practice. As for you I hope you are on (or near) your mat and if you haven't got one you've come to the right place.

So while my small team and I fill our days with researching new products, finding stockists, negotiating deals and figuring out how to get this gorgeous yoga gear to you I hope your practice helps you be all that you can be.

It's a joy bringing you these ecologically conscious, where possible wholesome and sustainable yoga products because I believe deeply in the power of yoga to transform lives for the better. So if having good quality yoga gear inspires or encourages you to practice more then I say fantastic! The products you'll find in our store are an investment in your wellbeing, that flows out into the world beyond you.

I welcome direct contact from you about our products, things we can do better and ideas for new products you'd love us to stock. Feedback and input from you is invaluable! Email ingrid@ecoyogastore.co.nz


our mission

To bring you the healthiest, highest quality yoga gear from around the globe.

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