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The hand towels, longer towels, and special hot yoga towels in stock online at Eco Yoga Store are made of double knit microfibre towelling that is engineered to last many years, yet is also recyclable at the end of its lifetime. This makes them some of few yoga towels in Australia that combine the benefits of high tech fabric with a truly ecologically friendly production ethic. What's more, they've been tried and tested by everyone from students to master teachers, who all agree on the seamless comfort and overall amazing difference made to their practice. Whether you use your yoga towel primarily as a bolster, or to keep yourself dry and maintain grip during a hot yoga session, there is a Manduka eQua towel to suit.

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TRIBE GET-A-GRIP Mat Towel Denim

$59.95 Including GST

TRIBE brings you a plush new yoga towel for those who like your yoga hot! You start to drip and GET-A-GRIP starts to do just that - grip. Designed to fit over our TRIBE yoga mats (or yoga mats that are 610mm wide x 1800mm long) the silicone dots on the back of the towel ensure the towel grips to the mat and doesn't bunch up under your hands and feet like a conventional cotton towel will. As you begin to perspire the microfibre technology grips to your hands and feet to stop you sliding. So both the top and bottom surfaces of the towel are working hard to keep you from slipping and soak up the sweat without getting soggy. The GET-A-GRIP won't disappoint but it is to use it slightly damp to give the best grip. (There are two types of packaging at the moment due to new designs but the towels are the same no matter what the outer packaging looks like.)

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Size: 610 x 1830mm
Weight: 620gms

To activate the grip - dampen towel or get sweating! The silicone nubs on the back will grip to your yoga mat and the top side of the towel needs to be damp to gain the best traction for your hands and feet.
• 630 x 1830mm
• 620gms
• Silicone grip nubs on the back
• Plush thick microfibre towel
• Quick dry fabric.
Warm or cold wash separately before use, then always with like colours.
Tumble dry on low heat or dry outside. Don’t dryclean, use fabric softener or bleach.
Composition: 85% polyester, 15% polyamide with silicone nubs.

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TRIBE GET-A-GRIP Mat Towel Denim


TRIBE GET-A-GRIP Mat Towel Denim
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