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Eco Yoga are proud exclusive stockists of the Manduka PROlite mat, the Manduka PRO and the Manduka eKO mat. Both are available in longer, wider and lighter models to suit your practice and lifestyle requirements. Each are designed to be non slip and durable- no flaking or cracking with extended wear. The key benefit of the PRO models is the carefully engineered texture of the synthetic mat fabric, along with a lifetime performance guarantee- you may never have to buy another mat again! The eKO line is the best yoga mat for those who are especially conscious of sustainability and textile safety, as they are made from 100% natural rubber- yet still long wearing, and with a choice of stunning colours. Whether you're after a simple black yoga mat or yoga mats in colours to match your mood, there is a Manduka yoga mat to suit amongst the carefully chosen stock of Eco Yoga mats online.

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Manduka PRO 6mm - Udo

$214.00 Including GST

This best-selling, thick yoga mat is luxuriously dense for unparalleled comfort and cushioning. With a superior non-slip fabric-like finish, and simple, elegant design, the Manduka PRO will revolutionize your practice. Teacher approved, not to mention adored, loved and recommended! 
Size: 1800 x 660 x 6mm
Weight: 3.2kg
There is a reason The Manduka PRO inspires such passion in its users - this denser, thick yoga mat has unparalleled comfort and cushioning. With the superior non-slip fabric-like finish you expect from high-performance yoga mats, and simple, elegant design, The Manduka PRO will revolutionize your practice. And best of all, it now comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. When you want the very best yoga mat, the mat chosen first by yoga teachers throughout the world, there really is only one choice – The Manduka PRO, for your practice and for our world.
• 1800 x 660 x 6mm
• 3.2kg
• Comes in Black and seasonal colours also
• Zero-waste, sustainable yoga mat
• Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee
• Superior wear and longevity
• Comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors
• Slip resistant, yet non-sticky, even when wet from light perspiration
• Provides stability on hard or soft surfaces
• Oeko-Tex certified, emissions-free manufacturing
• High density cushion for unparalleled joint protection on any surface (carpet, cement, hardwood floors).
• Fabric-like surface finish for slip-resistance, even with light perspiration.
• Closed-cell Surface to keep out moisture (sweat) from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria.
• Proprietary dot-pattern bottom to resist sliding.
• Engineered for sustainability.
• High quality material that will not peel, flake or fade.
• Longevity reduces consumption and landfill waste.
• Improves with use.
To Store: Roll your PRO with the top side (fabric-finish) facing outwards. This keeps the corners of the mat flat when practicing.

To Break In: The surface texture of the PRO improves with use. Our customers have found that the best way to “break in” their mat is to use it on a daily basis. Another trick is to sprinkle coarse sea salt over your mat, use just a spritz of water or dampen with a cloth, scrub it down with a stiff scrub brush, and air dry in the sunshine.

To Clean: We recommend using Manduka Mat Renew or any non-solvent household cleaner and a damp cloth or sponge. Hang to dry in the sunshine. DO NOT clean your mat with the garden hose, put in the bathtub or shower, or put it in the washing machine- it may break the machine and ruin your mat!
Manduka PRO series yoga mats, designed to last a lifetime (or two), curb the amount of PVC mats that enter landfills every year and reduces overall mat consumption. Also, during the manufacturing of most PVC products, toxic emissions may be released into the air. However, PRO series mats are manufactured through a process that ensures no toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere. The PRO is certified safe for human contact by OEKO-TEX, an environmental certification agency in Europe for the textile industry.

Brina - 6 January 2012

"I ordered my PRO mat over the summer, and its just been such a wonderful wonderful mat. It made SUCH a difference in my practice. No more ankle or knee pain. The support is just sooo amazing. It's firm and supportive my entire practice, I just can't imagine how I survived prior to using it."

Sara M - 29 February 2012

"I love this mat! I have been a yoga practitioner for eight years and I was going through mats like water. After my last mat caused a pulled muscle because it lost its grip I couldn’t take it and my yoga teacher recommended this mat. The cushion is great, the grip is great... the one draw back is its weight, but I have a mat carrier so its fine. Love it!"

This mat is more expensive than a standard colour PRO as it's a limited edition two tone colour!

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Manduka PRO 6mm - Udo


Manduka PRO 6mm - UdoManduka PRO 6mm - Udo
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