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Eco Yoga are proud exclusive stockists of the Manduka PROlite mat, the Manduka PRO and the Manduka eKO mat. Both are available in longer, wider and lighter models to suit your practice and lifestyle requirements. Each are designed to be non slip and durable- no flaking or cracking with extended wear. The key benefit of the PRO models is the carefully engineered texture of the synthetic mat fabric, along with a lifetime performance guarantee- you may never have to buy another mat again! The eKO line is the best yoga mat for those who are especially conscious of sustainability and textile safety, as they are made from 100% natural rubber- yet still long wearing, and with a choice of stunning colours. Whether you're after a simple black yoga mat or yoga mats in colours to match your mood, there is a Manduka yoga mat to suit amongst the carefully chosen stock of Eco Yoga mats online.

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TRIBE Warrior Mat 6mm

$109.95 Including GST

The new TRIBE Warrior has been designed to deliver grip, comfort and durability while remaining lightweight. Tough like a warrior, the top surface is made from a new generation durable tree rubber. The smart.grip texture keeps your hands and feet in place even if you work up a light sweat. The durable upper layer stabilizes the base layer which is made from comfy TPE foam that provides just the right amount of cushioning while keeping the weight of the mat as low as possible. You'll be hard pressed to find another mat that offers all these qualities all rolled into one! If you sweat a lot or practice in a heated studio space we suggest you match your TRIBE Warrior mat with a TRIBE get.a.grip towel.
Size: 1825 x 610 x 6mm thick
Weight: 1.4kg
The global yoga tribe is made up of a diverse mix of people practising an ever-increasing range of yoga styles. We took our inspiration from you to create a yoga mat that will support your practice by giving you traction, comfort and stability no matter what your style. TRIBE Warrior is ideal for those who need a mat that is the perfect marriage of the three most important qualities - grip, comfort and durability.
• 1825 x 610 x 6mm wide
• New generation durable tree rubber surface
• Lightweight at 1.4kg so you can easily carry it to class
• 6mm thick for maximum comfort during floor poses
• Smart.grip texture to keep you from slipping even if you perspire lightly
• Easy to keep clean - try our TRIBE eco.clean mat cleaner
• For very hot, sweaty yoga styles you may require a yoga towel on top of your mat so grab a get.a.grip.
TRIBE eco.clean mat cleaner is recommended to clean your TRIBE Warrior mat. Otherwise to ensure the rubber surface of the mat is not damaged by chemicals make your own cleaner by mixing water and vinegar 1:20 ratio in a stray bottle. Spray the mat down from time to time and wipe with a cleaning cloth and allow to dry before rolling up or hanging to dry.

Do not put sharp objects onto the back side of the mat as they can leave permanent indentations.

Store the mat rolled with the black side out.
Non-toxic and free of PVC and Phthalates.

This mat is independently tested by SGS in Taiwan to ensure it is safe for use by humans - and it is.

The top surface of the Warrior is made from a new durable natural tree rubber from sustainably managed rubber plantations in Indonesia.

There are a mix of opinions on the ecological qualities of TPE. We think you would need to be a chemist to analyze the data available and make a conclusion. It is thought that TPE is a better alternative to PVC.

TPE is recyclable but generally it's not collected and sent back to a plant for recycling so we find this claim refers only to the TPE off-cuts at the factory which are recycled into new mats during initial production.


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TRIBE Warrior Mat 6mm


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