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Welcome to our wholesale information. Thanks for your interest in our products. We sell the following products at wholesale rates and quantities. TO QUALIFY FOR THESE WHOLESALE PRICES YOUR TOTAL ORDER MUST BE OVER $650.

TRIBE Warrior 6mm SmartGrip Yoga Mat $73.00 each (Retail $99.00) OUT OF STOCK SORRY.
TRIBE Round Bolsters Plain $75.00 each. (Retail $92.00)
TRIBE Round Bolsters Henna Design $77.00 each. (Retail $99.00)
TRIBE Rectangle Bolsters Plain $73.00 each. (Retail $91.00)
TRIBE Rectangle Bolsters Henna Design $75.00 each. (Retail $92.00)
TRIBE Foam Yoga Block Slim 235 x 150 x 75mm $15.00 each. (Retail $22.00)
TRIBE Get-A-Grip Yoga Mat towels 1830 x 610mm $39.00 each. (Retail $69.00) 4 colours
TRIBE Wool Yoga Blankets $41.00 each. (Retail $54.00)
TRIBE Yoga Strap. Strong cotton webbing with D-rings. $13.00 each. (Retail $21.00) Grey only

To place a wholesale order please email us on sales@ecoyogastore.com.au or call us on 02 8005 0538

Our products are shipped from New Zealand on a postal service so allow around 10 working days for delivery. Shipping will be calculated once we know the final dimensions and weight of your consignment. You may be required to pick up your boxes from a local post office if you order large products such as bolsters.

All wholesale orders must be paid for in full before dispatch. There is no GST in the transaction because the products are shipped from New Zealand. It is possible customs in Australia may charge you GST and duty on arrival. You are responsible to check this detail.

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